Vehicle Inspection: San Antonio's Most Rigorous Check-Up

Vehicle Inspection for Advanced Protection

At Advanced Asian Auto, our San Antonio certified auto technicians deliver meticulous vehicle inspection, examining each and every component of your car, inside and out. San Antonio drivers will receive a complete diagnostic report before you receive maintenance or repair work. We make sure that our San Antonio customers are in compliance with the Texas Department of Public Safety’s inspection standards, so we deliver a thorough 21-point vehicle inspection. Of course, we always recommend you follow our helpful auto tips, which includes checking your vehicle’s engine oil, tire pressure, lights, and signals before driving in order to prevent an accident. However, it is important to have your vehicle inspected at the Advanced Asian Auto facility, so our professional San Antonio mechanics can detect any existing or potential problems lurking beneath the surface of your vehicle.

Advanced Asian Auto Inspection includes:

    1. Previous Damage -Collision or Flood
    2. CV joints, Boots, & Drive Axles
    3. Horn
    4. Windshield Wipers
    5. Mirrors
    6. Power Steering Fluid
    7. Transmission Fluid
    8. Rear Differential Fluid
    9. Seat Belts
    10. Brakes, Belts, & Hoses
    11. Tires (pressure, tread depth, condition)
    12. Wheel Assembly
    13. Exhaust System
    14. Vehicle Emissions
    15. Battery, Cables, Terminals
    16. Tail, Break, & Head Lights
    17. License Plate Light
    18. Rear Red Reflectors
    19. Turn Signals
    20. Coolant & Lube Chassis
    21. Suspension System

Vehicle Inspection: Don’t Skip It Before You Road Trip It

Nothing is as exciting as hitting the open road–you can taste, touch, and smell freedom lying in the infinite miles of highway stretched out before you. However, nothing is more likely to put the brakes on your vacation faster than failing to undergo vehicle inspection before you step on the gas pedal. Varying temperatures and stop-and-go traffic can do a number on your vehicle’s cooling system. As long as you properly prepare for your road trip with careful vehicle inspection, highway mileage will most likely do little harm to your vehicle. Don’t let a breakdown slow you down, let San Antonio’s Advanced Asian Auto mechanics perform vehicle inspection and maintenance about 2 to 4 weeks before your departure.

Vehicle Inspection Tips before you go:

  • Check your coolant system.
  • Check your tire pressure.
  • Check the spare tire (proper inflation and tire changing tools).
  • Check the brake system.
  • Check your hoses, valves to prevent evaporative leaks.
  • Check your battery, especially for dirt or corrosion.
  • Check fluids (oil, brake, power steering, & transmission) and air filters. Clogged air filters can guzzle gas and drain your engine power.

For more helpful resources regarding vehicle safety, visit our Auto Tips page.